General Geology @ KIT Applied Geosciences

Research in the General Geology group, led by Tenure-Track Professor Nevena Andrić Tomašević, focuses on how tectonics, magmatism, climate and surface processes interact to influence sedimentary basins and their associate mountain ranges. In particular we are interested in:

The influence of geodynamic processes on location, timing and rates of sediment accumulation

Source to sink relations in sedimentary basins associated with hydrothermal systems

Disentangling and quantifying tectonic and climatic controls on erosion, transport and deposition

To investigate these topics, we use a range of tools and techniques including field observations, analytical measurements, basin analysis and numerical models.

Our research has broad implications on the sustainable use of sedimentary basins for underground resources like drinking water, raw materials and pore-space to produce and store energy.

For more information, check out our ongoing projects and open positions.


LucasLucas Eskens
New PhD student in our group

We welcome our new PhD student Lucas Eskens. Lucas completed his Master’s degree in Geosciences at Utrecht University (Netherlands). His master thesis focused on the effect of sub- and supra salt structures on the development of the Central Graben, North Sea.

His PhD work will focus on the lithospheric- and crustal-scale processes affecting along-strike heterogeneity in the Molasse Basin (Alps) architecture. The project is supported by the DFG SPP 4DMB –Mountain building in 4D Program.

We are looking forward to the next years with you in our team!

giridas pictureGiridas Maiti
New Research Associate in our group

We are happy to introduce the newest member of our group, Dr. Giridas Maiti. Giridas completed his PhD at the Jadavpur University (India) under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Nibir Mandal. During his PhD he studied the Himalayan-Tibet mountain system by means of numerical geodynamic modelling.

In our group, he will work on the influence of geodynamic processes on the evolution of sedimentary basins.