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Research in the General Geology group, led by Tenure-Track Professor Nevena Andrić Tomašević, focuses on how tectonics, magmatism, climate and surface processes interact to influence sedimentary basins and their associate mountain ranges. In particular we are interested in:

  • The influence of geodynamic processes on location, timing and rates of sediment accumulation.
  • Source to sink relations in sedimentary basins associated with hydrothermal systems.
  • Disentangling and quantifying tectonic and climatic controls on erosion, transport and deposition.

To investigate these topics, we use a range of tools and techniques including field observations, analytical measurements, basin analysis and numerical models.

Our research has broad implications on the sustainable use of sedimentary basins for underground resources like drinking water, raw materials and pore-space to produce and store energy.

For more information, check out our ongoing projects and open positions.

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Our last News

Publication - Novković et al. (2024)
Publication - Novković et al. (2024)

We are pleased to let you know that our article Mineralogy, chemistry, and distribution of selected trace elements in coal and shale from the Ibar Basin (South Serbia) (doi:10.2298/TSCI240405143N) is now available online.

This work is a collaboration between Nevena from our group and Z. Novković (MMI Bor), M. Suárez (Univ. Salamanca), E. García-Romero (Univ. Madrid, IGEO), N. Nikolić, V. GajićV. Simić and D. Životić (Univ. of Belgrade).

Novković et al., Thermal Science (2024)
Conference - NSCEE 2024
Conference - 3rd Early Career Sedimentologist Meeting (2024)

Robert attended the 3rd Early Career Sedimentologist Meeting at the TU Darmstadt in June 2024 to present (poster session) his PhD work Miocene uplift of the Dinarides as a driver of local climate change – preliminary results from the Valjevo – Mionica Basin, Serbia

This work is a collaboration between Robert and Nevena from our group, O. Mandic (Natural History Museum Vienna), and A. Zeh (AGW, KIT).

3rd Early Career Sedimentologist Meeting 2024
Publication - Caumon et al. (2024)
Publication - Caumon et al. (2024)

We are pleased to let you know that our article Scenario Automation in Stratigraphic Multi-Well Correlation: Well Logs Versus Interpretive Rules (and Why We Should Care) (doi: 10.3997/2214-4609.2024101535) is now available online.

This work is a collaboration between Paul from our group and G. Caumon and C. Antoine (RING Team, Univ. Lorraine).

Caumon et al., EAGE ACE (2024)
Publication - Eskens et al. (2024)
Publication - Eskens et al. (2024)

We are please to let you know that our article Lithospheric- and crustal-scale controls on variations in foreland basin development in the Northern Alpine Foreland Basin (doi: 10.1016/j.tecto.2024.230283) is now available online.

This work is a collaboration between Lucas, Nevena from our group and P. M. Süss (Univ. Tübingen), M. Müller, R. Herrmann (ONEO GmbH) and T. A. Ehlers (Univ. Tübingen, Univ. Glasgow).

In this contribution, seismic-stratigraphic data from the Northern Alpine Foreland Basin was inverted to gain a better understanding of which orogenic mechanisms control foreland basin development.

Eskens et al., Tectonophysics (2024)