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New Publication

We are pleased to let you know that our article Slab tearing in non-collisional settings: Insights from thermo-mechanical modelling of oblique subduction (doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2023.118097) is now available online, containing full bibliographic details.

This work is a collaboration between Nevena Andrić-Tomašević and Giridas Maiti from our research group and Alexander Koptev (Univ. Tübingen & GFZ Postdam), Taras Geyra (ETH Zurich) and Todd Ehlers (Univ. Tübingen).

Andrić-Tomašević et al., Earth & Planetary Science Letters (2023)
New Publication

We are please to let you know that our article Listvenite as gemstone: the Antina Čuka occurrence (Eastern Serbia) (doi: 10.46544/AMS.v27i4.14) is now available online.

This work is a collaboration between Nevena Andrić-Tomašević from our research group and Vladimir Simić (Univ. Belgrade), Zoran Miladinović (Univ. Belgrade), Kristina Šarić (Univ. Belgrade), Nikola Vukocić (Institute for Technology of Nuclear and Other Mineral Raw Materials, Belgrade) and Rajko Kondžulović (GEO MINE, Belgrade).

Simić et al., Acta Montanistica Slovaca (2022)
36th IAS Conference
36th International Meeting of Sedimentology

We would like to draw your attention to our session Intramountain basins – recorders of tectonics, climate, and biota interactions during upcoming the 36th International Meeting of Sedimentology taking place in Dubrovnik (12th - 16th June 2023).

Session description: Intramountain basins are an integral part of the mountain ranges. Therefore, they are important recorders of deformation, erosion, syntectonic deposition, magmatic events, variations in biodiversity, and local and regional climatic evolution. Therefore, their sedimentary succession provides an insight into links, interactions, and feedback between tectonics, climate, and biota.

This session aims to assemble research efforts focusing on the dynamics and evolution of the intermountain basins at various temporal and spatial scales, and the “inversion” of their sedimentary record to reconstruct climatic, tectonic and/or biotic evolution/interaction. We invite contributions from the broad field of earth sciences based on field observations, and numerical and experimental work. Please, remember the deadline for abstract submissions is 15th February.

The session will be accompanied by the pre-conference field excursion (10.-12. of June) focusing on the intramountain basins of the Dinarides lake systems and the southern Pannonian basin environmental evolution (excursion A3, please see details The IAS offers travel grants for IAS student members (please see details

36th International Meeting of Sedimentology
PaulJulie Noury Soyer
Welcome Dr. Paul Baville

We are happy to introduce the newest member of our group, Dr. Paul Baville.

Paul has completed his PhD at the University of Lorraine (France) in the RING Team under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Guillaume CaumonDr. Cédric Carpentier and Dr. Marcus Apel. During his PhD, he has evaluated the impact of the transport direction in sedimentary basins on computer-assisted well correlations.

The main purpose of his work in our group is to evalute the impact of structural discontinuities, such as active normal faults, on the sedimentary rock deformation and on the induced hydrodynamic flow behavior of the sedimentary basin.

Dr. Paul Baville webpage
GFZ Postdam Travel Grant
KHYS Connecting Young Scientists (ConYS) travel grant awarded to Giridas

Dr. Giridas Maiti is awarded with KHYS Connecting Young Scientist (ConYS) Travel Grant from KIT.

Under this program he will work in GFZ Potsdam for four weeks (17 October to 12 November, 2022) in Lithosphere Dynamics research group  with Dr. Alexander Koptev.

During this research stay he will work on developing 3D thermo-mechanical numerical models of ridge subduction to investigate its impact on overriding plate's topography and deformation.

Connecting Young Scientists (ConYS)
Wilkommen Dr Giridas Maiti
Welcome Dr. Giridas Maiti

We are happy to introduce the newest member of our group, Dr. Giridas Maiti.

Giridas completed his PhD at the Jadavpur University (India) under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Nibir Mandal. During his PhD he studied the Himalayan-Tibet mountain system by means of numerical geodynamic modelling.

In our group, he will work on the influence of geodynamic processes on the evolution of sedimentary basins. 

Dr. Giridas Maiti webpage
LEskensLucas Eskens
Welcome M.Sc. Lucas Eskens

We welcome our new PhD student Lucas Eskens.

Lucas completed his Master’s degree in Geosciences at Utrecht University (Netherlands). His master thesis focused on the effect of sub- and supra salt structures on the development of the Central Graben, North Sea.

His PhD work will focus on the lithospheric- and crustal-scale processes affecting along-strike heterogeneity in the Molasse Basin (Alps) architecture. The project is supported by the DFG SPP 4DMB –Mountain building in 4D Program.

We are looking forward to the next years with you in our team!

M.Sc. Lucas Eskens webpage